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Festa de Ano Novo

Gift someone you love!

Who wouldn´t love more free time?

Giving someone you love a gift that actually makes their life  better shows them just how much you appreciate them. Not only will the recipient of your cleaning service gift card have a cleaner home, they will have more free time for themselves and with their family If you want to give a memorable gift that show how much you care, a cleaning service gift certificate from Wizard! is just the ticket.

How Does It work?




Choose Amont

Choose amont pick the amount of credit you want so send someone.

Choose Recipient

Tell us who cleaning service gift card is for.

Choose Recipient

We send them an email with all the detalid about your gift, and

they can schedule their cleaning anytime they want.

Birthday Bash

Shiny floors, fresh air and tidy rooms, that´s our ideia of the perfect gift!

Freh Start

Give the gift of fresh new beginnings to a friend or loved on who´s moving.

Help The Hostess

Skip the bottle of wine and give your hostess the gift of a clean house after the guest has left.

Mom´s Treat

Give mom a chance to kick up her fee and relaz in a luxuriously clean house.

Remodel Refresh

Give someone bragging rights by sprucing up their place after a recent remodel.

Ultimate Deep

Our highly trained expert cleaner will clean every nook and cranny to make you home shine!

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