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3 Tips To Get Your Kids To Clean Their Room

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

As a parent with pre-teen kids, it can be challenging to keep your home clean and organized, with toys littered around the sitting room, and clothing strewn all over your kids’ bedroom.

1. Set Boundaries

Set boundaries and rules your kids must follow to ensure a tidy home. However, ensure the rules makes sense to your kids. For instance, insist that put back everything they use back to where they picked it and that they have to put a previous activity away (for example, their assignment), before they can start a new one (for example, playing video games). And, to reduce clutter, they must donate a toy or place a toy in storage for every new toy they receive.

2. Make Cleaning A Fun Routine

The main reason why kids (and adults, really) don’t like to clean is that they see it as a difficult chore. When you make cleaning fun, your kids see it as an enjoyable activity, and it motivates them to want to do more. You can create a playlist of their favorite songs for regular weekend cleanups and sing along as you both organize their bedroom. Or, create a cleaning game, such as offering an incentive or gift for the fastest to complete a chore.

3. Work Together

Work with your kids to clean up their mess, from organizing the sitting room littered with toys, to making sure their room is kept tidy. When you work together, it makes the chore lighter, as well as encourage them to clean up their messes. However, make sure that you are only helping and not doing all the work. For instance, ask them to put their dirty clothes in the hamper, while you arrange the clean ones in the closet, or put away the toys while you make the bed.

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